Today technology alone is not enough if it is not supported by passion, imagination and vision of the future. We need to look at the world from a new perspective, we need to think outside the box and follow cultural moments, because more and more brands are able to attract targets they share values with. An automotive giant, the most important football team in Italy, one of the most innovative companies in the world and a new digital media for female audience represent four very different examples of entrepreneurship, but all of them has the right ideas on how to become “protagonists of transformation”, collecting the challenges presented each day by innovation and transforming them into successful strategic choices. Giovanni Perosino, Vice President Marketing Communication of Audi AG, Federico Palomba, Head of Marketing and Digital of Juventus FC, Fabio Raimondi, Partner Manager Italy of Google Cloud, and Andrea Scotti Calderini, Founder and CEO of Freeda Media presented an engaging storytelling talking with the journalist Marianna Aprile in the event organized by Glebb & Metzger Group and Innext at Nuvola Lavazza.